Safe Link Plan Overview and Requirements |

Safe Link Plan Overview and Requirements

Tracfone Wireless in association with both State and Federal governments, has launched a new service that brings free wireless service to low income families and individuals. To qualify, individuals must meet specific criteria that is set by participating states. Participating states include:

New Hampshire
New Jersey
New York
North Carolina
Puerto Rico
West Virginia

Additional states will come on board as the program expands.

Once individuals qualify, they will receive a free cell phone provided by either Tracfone. Individuals will then receive a free allotment of minutes each month. If and when individuals exhaust their free minutes, they can then choose to purchase additional Tracfone minutes. Since Tracfone will be providing the service, Safelink users will receive all of the benefits of a regular Tracfone. Phones will also use one of the major cellular carriers like AT&T, Verizon and TMobile.

Safelink Minutes

The Safelink plan offers qualifying users 250 free monthly minutes, though this may vary from state to state. Once minutes are used up, you must purchase additional airtime. You can also use the many free Safelink/Tracfone promo codes available when adding a purchased card. Please see our Safelink Wireless Review for more details or visit the Safelink Website.

Don't Qualify for Safelink Wireless?

If you don't qualify for Safelink Wireless but you want a low cost alternative, then Tracfone may be the right cell phone for you. Tracfone has various inexpensive phone options starting at $9.99. In addition to low cost phones, you can have basic monthly service which includes voicemail, text messaging, call waiting and caller ID for as little as $6 a month and you can still get FREE minutes every time you buy minutes by using one of many FREE bonus minute Codes which you can find right on this website.

Both Tracfone and Net10 offer affordable plans and great phones like the Tracfone LG800g and the Tracfone LG500g both of which are feature rich and offer web/texting access.