Straight Talk Samsung T404 GSM |

Straight Talk Samsung T404 GSM

Samsung t404g Net10Size:4.4"W x 2.00H" x .6"

Weight: 3.95 OZ

Technology: GSM

Data: Yes

Signal Strength: Excellent

Audio Quality: Excellent

Battery Life: Up to 5 hours talk time and approx. 13 days stand by

Extra Features: mobile web, 1.3 megapixel camera, video recording capabilities, expandable micro SD slot with suprisingly high 16 gig capacity, MP3 player, Slide Qwerty Keyboard,MMS Picture Messaging, BlueTooth.

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The Straight Talk Samsung t404g is the newest of the Samsung Sider QWERTY series by Straight Talk. A slight refresh in terms of looks from the Samsung t401. The t404 has all of the same basic features of the outgoing 401 including mp3 player, and expandable memory via microSD but adds a slightly better 2 mp camera and video recording capabilities. An excellent all around phone if you like the sliding QWERTY form factor. If you are considering this phone, we highly recommend you take a look at the Straight Talk LG 900g simply because the LG has many more features for essentially the same price but better act fast because the LG is very popular and Straight Talk stock is limited.

Phone Look and Feel
The look and feel of the T404g is excellent. Weighing in at 3.95oz, the t404 makes for a light weight compact phone. The matte black finish is quite attractive and soft feel keys are very responsive and feel great on the fingers. Sliding mechanisn is engages easily and smoothly. The keyboard keys as nicely spaced making for an excellent texting phone.

Slider Keyboard
One of the best things about this phone is the quality slider keyboard which is one of the better ones around. The soft keys are a real pleasure to use. The layout is nice and quite intuitive. No ambigous keys as everything is nicely labled so you won't be scratching your head trying to figure out what's what. If you're a big time texter then this makes for a great texting phone.

The 404 comes with a basic mobile browser. Offers good performance if you just like checking your email, facebook and other basic functions. It's not full html so browsing capabilities are somewhat limited to text and basic images. The keyboard does help browsing and entering usernames and passwords. Overall, good basic browsing capabilities that are a step above the non QWERTY phones.

MP3 Player
T404g has excellent MP3 player functions but you will need amicroSD card to store your music because the phone does not have much by way of internal storage capacity. The cool thing about this phone is the fact that it accepts up to 16 gigs for lots of music capacity. In addition to the microSD card, you will also need either a data cable or sd card reader though we highly recommend the card reader simply because it is a universal device that you will always use. Like all the QWERTY phones in this line, the MP3 player is easy to use with intuitive functions. Once engaged, you simply use the main navigation keys for playlist navigation. The interface will display song length, play time , song name and artist if it is encoded on the mp3 file. Another cool thing is the ability to change display settings. The phone offers 4 visual settings including a simple view, equalizer, album art and lyrics. Other nice player features include the ability to create play lists based on artist, albums, genres or custom play list. You can listen to your mp3s either through the phone speaker or headphones. You will need to find head phones with a 2.5mm jack or a 2.5mm adapter. All in all, the mp3 option is awesome and really makes this phone worth owning.

Camera and Video Recorder
Both the Camera and video recorder are nice. Not the best resolution but for a basic phone you really can't complain. Picture Messaging capabilities allow for easy sharing of photos. Both the camera and video recorder are very easy to operate. Camera even includes a nice little 2x zoom. All in all, the phone offers good camera and video recording capabilities though we can't say the resolution is the best.