Straight Talk and Net10 Samsung R451C |

Straight Talk and Net10 Samsung R451C

Samsung R451C Straight TalkSize:4.4"W x 2.00H" x .7"

Weight: 4.58 OZ

Technology: CDMA

Data: Yes

Signal Strength: Excellent

Audio Quality: Excellent

Battery Life: Up to 5 hours talk time and up to 10 days stand by

Extra Features: mobile web (access Twitter, Facebook, GMail and more), 1.3 megapixel camera, expandable micro SD slot, MP3 player, Slide Qwerty Keyboard, BlueTooth.

The Straight Talk Samsung R451C is Straight Talk's popular texting phone. This phone has it all, MP3 music, 1.3 megapixel camera, BlueTooth and Qwerty keyboard for texting. This phone is the best choice for those that love to text and like browsing the Net. The slider keyboard makes this one a real winner because the phone remains compact and easy to carry.

One of the coolest things on this phone is the Micro SD card that allows you to expand the capacity for the onboard MP3 player. With a 4GB SD card you can really store some serious music on this phone. Finally, the 1.3 megapixel camera takes some great pictures. You won't get any of those grainy phone pictures with this phone. To top it all off, this phone is very durable so it won't fall apart if you drop it. As with all modern phones, you get the standard features like caller/picture id, phone book, hands free speaker phone and downloadable ringtones/graphics. The R451C is an excellent phone and is highly recommended for those who love feature rich devices. Click Here to view more details on the Straight Talk plan

Phone Look and Feel
The look and feel of the R451C is on the high end. The phone features a gloss black case that is well built with a quality heavy feel to it, no cheap feeling here. The numeric keypad has durable hard plastic buttons that are spaced nicely and easy to press. The keyboard engages smoothly and can easily be engaged with one hand. The only negative with the keyboard is that there is no way to lock it in place when closed so a carrying case is a must when carried someplace where it will be tossed around. Other than that, the QWERTY keyboard also has a quality feel featuring soft rubber buttons that are very easy to press. The keyboard is intuitive allowing you to switch from upper case to lower case to numeric with easy. It also has arrow navigation keys that allow for easy web browsing. The screen is protected by clear hard plastic so that's also built to last. Overall, the phone has a modern, high end quality feel to it so you won't be embarrassed to carry it around and be seen using it.

Web Browsing
The R451C has a pretty good web browser all things considered. It's no iPhone but you can easily browse to most websites on the internet. Launching the browser is as simple as pressing the browser key and sliding the keyboard open. Opening the keyboard rotates the screen 90 degrees. The browser launches into a Straight Talk home page. From there you can either follow the links that point to popular websites or browse out to any other site by simply pressing the 'soft2' key and selecting 'Go To URL'. Sites like CNN that offer mobile versions of their webpage display well, are very easy to read and load pretty quick. You can follow links by simply using the up/down keys and clicking 'ok'. One funky thing about the browser is that you can only scroll up and down, no side to side, so the pages are condensed horizontally to fit the screen. This cuts off larger pictures but text reads quite easily and is not cut off. You can also easily fill out forms like user name and password by simply scrolling through the page with the arrow keys

Speed is good considering it runs standard 1X CDMA speeds and not 3G. Most pages load within 30 sec or so depending on size. You can logon to email providers that offer Mobile logon pages. Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo all work. Social Web sites also work , biggest ones being Facebook, Twitter and Myspace. Facebook logs on fine and can read messages, wall, etc. Can also easily do status update. Twitter works great, you can send and read Tweets with ease. Another site worth mentioning is MapQuest, which can come in pretty handy. You may need to set the Connection Timeout option to 60 seconds to get MapQuest to worth though. Other useful browser functions include Favorites and Bookmark so you can set your favorite sites and book mark frequently visited sites with ease. All in all, the browser on the 451 is quite capable , very useful and the QWERTY keyboard works great while in browser mode. Overall navigation is extremely easy with the QWERTY keyboard and there is nothing that suggests it is a crippled prepaid browser.

MP3 Player
R451C has excellent MP3 player functions. You will need a microSD card to store your music since the phone does not store any music internally. You will also need either a data cable or sd card reader to transfer the files. The MP3 player is easy and intuitive. You simply use the navigation keys to for the player functions. The interface will display song length, play time , song name and artist as long as its encoded on the mp3 file. Another cool thing is the ability to change display settings. The phone offers 4 visual settings including a simple view, equalizer, album art and lyrics. Other nice player features include the ability to create play lists based on artist, albums, genres or custom play list. You can listen to your mp3s either through the phone speaker or headphones. You will need to find head phones with 2.5mm jack or get a 2.5mm adapter. All in all, the mp3 option is awesome and really makes this phone worth owning.