Straight Talk and Net10 Samsung R355C |

Straight Talk and Net10 Samsung R355C

Samsung r335c Straight Talk Size:4.42 x 2.40 x 0.50 inches

Weight: 3.63 OZ

Technology: CDMA

Data: Yes

Signal Strength: Excellent

Audio Quality: Excellent

Durability: Excellent

Battery Life: Up to 6 hours talk time and up to 200 hours (8 days stand by)

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Extra Features: Full keyboard (QWERTY), Micro USB, Mobile web, 1+ megapixel camera, 176 x 144 pixels display, 1000 calling/text 30 meg data or Unlimited calling/text 30 meg data plans, expandable micro SD slot, MP3 player (headphone jack), BlueTooth.

Find Out if the Straight Talk CDMA Samsung R355 is Available in Your Area

Find Out if the Net10 CDMA Samsung R355 is Available in Your Area

Description The R355 offers a full QWERTY keyboard in a Blackberry style body for those that love to text. The R355 is Straight Talk's version of the Samsung SCH-r350 Freeform so while the phone is not exactly new, it is a solid proven model. Like the R451C, the R355 offers an on board MP3 player with expandable SD card slot accepting SD cards up to 16 gigs. Like all modern smart phones, the R355 also includes a 1.3 mega pixel camera with Digital zoom, Night mode, White balance, Mirror, Multi shot, Effects and Self-timer capabilities. Of course the R355 can be activated with either the 1000 minute/1000 text 30 meg plan or the $45 unlimited calling/text plan with 30 megs of data. If texting phones are your cup of tea and you prefer the Blackberry style over the slider variety, then the sold R355C is for you.

Functionality As with all Samsungs, navigation buttons are intuitive and easy to figure out. A center OK key is surrounded by, UP,DOWN ,LEFT,and RIGHT easy navigation. Additionally, the R355 has both quick Speaker select and Camera select buttons so no need to scroll through menus to engage those features. The volume keys are nicely placed on the right side for quick and easy volume control during speaker phone or regular calls. Of course the highlight of the 355 is its full QWERTY keypad with durable and quality keys for fast web browsing / texting.

Extras While the R355 makes for an excellent texting phone, it also comes a 1.3 mp digital camera and full MP3 player which is well worth the price of the phone. Memory can be expanded up to 16 gigs via micro SD card slot so playlist possibilities are endless if you purchase multiple SD cards. Yet another awesome feature new to Straight Talk, is the option to connect to your car's Bluetooth giving you the ability to listen to callers on your stereo speakers. As with all Straight Talk phones, standard features include caller id, call waiting and voice mail.

In summary, the R355C is an excellent phone with plenty of features to satisfy most users. This phone is perfect for those who love to text but do not like the slider design offered in the R451C. It has everything you need at relatively low price and is a great way to take advantage of Straight Talk's 1000 or unlimited text plans.

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