Straight Talk Questions and Concerns |

Straight Talk Questions and Concerns

Since it's inception, there have been quite a few questions and/or complaints in regards to this new service. Below are the most common.

Is Straight Talk owned by Walmart?

No, there has been some incorrect information floating around that this is a Walmart Service. This is probably due to the misleading Walmart press release that implies that this is a Walmart Service. Straight Talk is actually provided By Tracfone, the nations leading prepaid service. Walmart is their exclusive store front retailer. Walmart was also involved in test piloting the new service at over 200 stores. The phones are now available through Straight Talk directly. More Straight Talk Information.

Is Straight Talk Available in my Area?

Straight Talk runs on the Verizon CDMA network. As such, it is only available in Verizon CDMA areas. You can visit the Straight Talk Availability page to see if it is available in your Zip Code.

Straight Talk is temporary agreement between Tracfone and Verizon and will only last 6 months.

Initially, this was a pilot program and may have been the case. However, at this stage, Tracfone is putting it's full resources into Straight Talk so the controversy as to whether Straight Talk will be around a few months from now can be laid to rest. By the looks of the latest ramp up including a new advertising campaign and new handsets, this new service is here to stay. Sources tell us that both Tracfone and Verizon are very happy with early results. If anything, I would look for this plan to expand further. For more Straight Talk information See: More Straight Talk Information

The Straight Talk device selection is outdated and cheap.

Straight Talk is created for a single purpose, to save money. The customers looking at this plan aren't necessarily interested in the latest and greatest. Having said that, their selection has grown since it first came on the scene with 3 relatively basic phones. The most exciting and affordable being the Samsung R451C which is a modern hand set with full QWERTY keyboard, onboard mp3 player and digital camera just to name a few features. If you want something along the lines of a smart phone, check out the Samsung R810C Finesse which offers a full touch screen, 3g, full HTML browser and more. Conclusion, if you want to save money, Straight Talk is for you. If you don't mind spending over $100 a month to have something like and IPhone, the Straight Talk is probably NOT for you.

Can I roam with Straight Talk?

Yes, you can roam with Straight Talk but only within the Verizon network which is somewhat extensive. Also, Verizon will be aquiring Alltel so look for the Verizon network to grow further. Having said that, if you are an extensive roaming customer, then Straight Talk may not be for you.

Can I Make International Calls?

No, Straight Talk does not offer international calling at this time. However, you can still use an international calling card. The phone will allow you to dial the 800 number typically used by International Calling Cards. Incoming international calls can be received normally.

How do I get rid of the 10 sec Remaining Airtime Info?

You can simply call, customer service and they can get rid of it for you.

Will I be charged if I go over my minutes?

No, you will not be charged. Straight Talk is prepaid and as such, has no overage charges. If you have the $30 plan, you will simply be unable to make calls until you refill. The $45 is unlimited.

Why does my phone say Prepaid Service disabled even though I have minutes?

This happens when you enter codes in the Prepaid Menu. Though Straight Talk does not uses this menu, most of the models have it since they are also used by Net10 and Tracfone. You can get your phone re-enabled by calling customer service. They will have you enter a code to clear it up.

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