Straight Talk Nokia 6790 - 3g GSM |

Straight Talk Nokia 6790 - 3g GSM

Nokia 6790 Find Out if the Straight Talk Nokia 6790 is available in your Area

Dimensions:3.83" x 2.28" x .61"

Weight: 4.4 oz

Technology: GSM 3g

Keypad: Slider QWERTY Keyboard

Data: Yes

Signal Strength: Excellent

Audio Quality: Excellent

Compare Straight Talk Nokia E71 and 6790

Durability: Excellent

Battery Life: Up to 4.7 hours Talk Time, up to 16 days stand by

Extra Features: Slider QWERTY Keyboard, IM Instant Messaging, Internet email,Free Voice-guide Navigation, 2.0 Megapixel Camera and Video Recorder, 4GB microSD Card Included, Music Player, Bluetooth

Find Out if the Straight Talk Nokia 6790 is available in your Area


The Nokia 6790 is the second of two true smartphone offered by Straight Talk Wireless. The 3g capable 6790 is a more casual phone so if you want something a little more formal and business like, then check out the Nokia e71 which is all business in looks. This is not to say that the 6790 has fewer features because that is not the case. The compact slide Nokia 6790 has all the features you want but in a compact more casual form factor. The Nokia 6790 offers all that the Nokia e71 does with some subtle differences. What makes this a great phone is the fact that it runs Nokia's Symbian Operating System and has the capabilities of any blackberry and smart phone on the market. Couple that with Straight Talk's Unlimited $45 plan and you have a great smartphone at considerable savings.

Phone Look and Feel

The Black with yellow contrast is an extremely attractive yet very casual design. The on the go slide is becoming more popular with the introduction of the Blackberry Torch. While it does not offer a touch screen, the key layout is easy to use and the buttons have a very nice tactile feel with the following key:.

3 Labeled Soft Keys
5-way Scrolling
Browser Key
Camera Key
Menu Key
Messaging Key
Volume Keys

If you're looking for a casual texting and/or email phone then you will love the Straight Talk Nokia 6790 with the slide out full keyboard and the great 2.36landscape display.


Like the Nokia e71, there are plenty of satisfying features. To begin, this phone can be used with most internet email systems including Gmail, Yahoo, Aol and Exchange server. The 6790 has a built in GPS navigator that goes perfectly with the Straight Talk $45 plan. Considering GPS "apps" usually cost extra, this is quite a nice feature.

Yet another awesome is the access to apps. The 6790 is capable of accessing the Ovi app store by Nokia so you will have access to countless games and application. This includes Social Apps for Facebook, Twitter and more.

To round things off, the 6790 includes a full HTML browser which you can take advantage of the 3g speeds, MP3 player, FM player, digital camera, video recording, Bluetooth and external SD Card. One thing you will need to get on your own is the USB cable that does not come with the phone for ease of file transfer from phone to computer and vice versa.


The Nokia 6790 by Straight Talk is a great phone for the price. It has all you need and then some. We strongly suggest the Nokia 6790 if you want full functionality with a more playful package. If its business you prefer, check out the Nokia e71