How to set up Straight Talk MMS on AT&T Locked Windows Phone |

How to set up Straight Talk MMS on AT&T Locked Windows Phone

So you want to use the Straight Talk Sim card on your Windows 7 device eh? That's a wise money saving move my friend, but oh yes, there is a downside! That being MMS. Microsoft in it's infinite wisdom either by design or indifference, left out a screen for us to be able to add an MMS APN. The problem is that even on so called "unlocked phones" you still can't add an MMS. Want to know if the Straight Talk sim is available for you? Check Straight Talk sim availability

But oh yes, there is an alternative my friends, isn't there always with these tings? That alternative is to get your hands on a Samsung Focus Flash. You see, the good folks at Samsung have an app that allows us to add MMS settings to Samsung Flashes. Sadly, the app does not work on other Samsung Windows 7 phones, don't ask us why because it makes no sense. At any rate, that is the only known alternative to this dilemma.

Are there any workarounds? The simple answer is that I have not found a single working solution to the MMS conundrum. Sure, there are several articles to be found on the search engines, but all are out of date or just downright bogus. So to sum it up, if you have a Windows 7 device, that's not the Samsung Flash, you will unfortunately not be able to send MMS texts. Personally, I don't think it's that big a deal since you can always use your email app to send pics or whatever If for some reason you value MMS over saving some cash, then Windows 7 devices are not the platform for you.