Straight Talk GSM Sim Program - User your Existing Contract GSM Phone |

Straight Talk GSM Sim Program - User your Existing Contract GSM Phone

What if you could save 50% over your contract plan and still keep your existing phone to do so? What if there were no contracts to sign either? That sounds like a good deal right? Well, rejoice my fellow cell phone users because Straight Talk has an excellent program for us to do just that.

The knock on Straight Talk and most prepaid providers for that matter, has been the relatively poor phone selection. Saving money is great but what good does it do if the phone doesn't do what we want or need? Also, would you be caught dead at Starbucks with your little prepaid phone? Straight Talk's solution to this is to provide you with a SIM card which you can then install on your GSM phone. Any AT&T, TMobile or Unlocked cell phone can be used. Now you have the best of both worlds, Prepaid savings and a great phone selection!

So what's the catch? Well, the only real catch is that you must use the $45 unlimited plan. Sorry, the $30 plan is not available for the Straight Talk SIM program. Another sort of catch is that you can't use a Blackberry device on this program. But who wants a Blackberry when you can have an Iphone or one of the tons of Android devices right? View Straight Talk Sim Availability

Plan Details

Before you make the jump here are the plan details:

You must use the $45 unlimited plan. The $30 plan is not available with this program.

Phone must be of the GSM variety. CDMA phones do not have SIM cards so they won't work. Sorry, no Verizon or Sprint phones.

If using a carrier locked phone, it must allow you to edit the APN for data and edit the MMS settings for multi media messaging. Many carrier locked phones allow for APN editing for data but not for MMS.

The GSM phone can be from AT&T, TMobile or an unlocked phone. Blackberry phones are not supported.

If using an Unlocked phone, it must support the 850 or 1900 mhz band. Don't worry if you don't know what this is. Basically, if the phone will work in the US, then it will work with the program, except Blackberries.

Unlocked European tri band or quad band phones will work. Tri band will work but only where there is 1900 mhz band coverage provided by either TMobile or AT&t.

View Straight Talk Sim Availability

What models can I use

The models you can use are pretty much endless, as long as they keep pumping out new models that is. To touch on some of the more popular ones, the iPhone 3g, 3gs, 4 and 4s will all work. On the Andoid side, basically, any GSM model will work, this includes the Samsung Galaxy lines, LG Optimus lines, Samsung Google Nexus, Motorola GSM Droids, and many more.


The new Straight Talk GSM Sim Card program represents an excellent opportunity to save some cash on your wireless plan. You no longer have to worry about sacrificing functionality and features over savings. Of course, there are some limitations like the lack of Blackberry support but the fact you can use an iPhone and Android more than makes up for it. View Straight Talk Sim Availability