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Straight Talk Android Samsung Galaxy Precedent

The inevitable introduction of the Android OS to Straight Talk is here in the form of the Samsung Galaxy Precedent. This is an affordable entry level phone with all the standard Android features you would expect. For the price, the Samsung Precedent is an excellent phone and the $45 Straight Talk Unlimited plan really lets you take full advantage of all Android has to offer. Certainly, priced to be one of the better selling Straight Talk phones.

Carrier Straight Talk with $45 Unlimited
Release Date September 2011

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Phone Technology:

Android OS
2.2 Froyo (can be upgraded to Gingerbread)

Phone Dimensions

Phone Weight
3.8 Ounces

Form Factor
Full Touch Screen

Screen Size and Resolution:
3.2" Diagonal, 320 x 480 pixels 256K color

Battery Life:
Up to 7hrs talk time, Up to 10 days stand by


Camera resolution:
2.0 Megapixels

v 2.0

Charge/data cable
Micro USB

Headphone Jack

Micro SD card
Up to 32Gb support
Straight Talk Samsung Precedent m828c Samsung precedent size comparison Samsung top view

Samsung Precedent Features

Android App Market, Large touch screen, Full HTML browser, Video, Camera, Bluetooth, Voice commands, Micro SD card, GPS navigation, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, MP3 player, Swipe Keyboard, more.

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Phone Look and Feel

The Samsung Precedent features a large 3.2" screen typical on the compact Android devices. One of the nice things about this phone is the size which is about that of an iPhone so it's not of the brick sized Androids which keep getting bigger and bigger.

A tour around the phone reveals the typical Menu, Home, Back Search buttons in that order just below the screen. To the right, we find the quick camera launch button , to the left we find volume toggle/sd card slot, the top is home to power/screen lock/head phone jack and the bottom has the charge/data port. A very simple easy to navigate design


Features is what Android is all about. Most notable of course is access to the Google Play app market for unlimited expandability. You can finally download and install all the desirable apps like Angry Birds, YouTube and the like. One thing to note is that this is an entry level phone so it's somewhat limited by an average 600 mega hertz processor. This may limit the number of apps you can run simultaneously be we should note we had no issues with the apps we tested.

Standard features include Google maps, Full HTML browser, Swype keyboard, Digital camera, MP3 music, SD card slot and more. Overall, this is possible the most feature rich device on the Straight Talk line up with the exceptions of the Nokia E5/E71.


The Samsung Precedent is the much needed Android offering for Straight Talk. Keep in mind this is the first of what's sure to be several Android models. Also be aware that this is an entry level device. As such, it's not as robust as other Androids out there. If you want the Android experience without spending a ton, the Straight Talk Samsung Precedent is for you. At only $150 it's certainly one of the more affordable prepaid Androids out there and you get to take advantage of the superior hassle free Straight Talk Unlimited plan. Definitely jump on this phone fast if you're thinking about it. There's certain to be shortage of them..