Straight Talk LG Optimus Ultimate Review |

Straight Talk LG Optimus Ultimate Review

Today, we are looking at the Straight Talk LG Ultimate. They call this the Ultimate because it's got the largest screen in the Optimus line offered by Straight Talk. Said screen measures over 4.3" so you can't get much bigger than this without spending more money. The Ultimate is a 3g GSM phone that will work with AT&T or TMobile. Retails for $249 on the Straight Talk website.

Carrier Straight Talk with $45 Unlimited - Activated with AT&T or TMobile
Release Date Mid September 2013

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Phone Technology:
AT&T/TMobile GSM / 3g data / WiFi

Android OS
4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich

Processor Speed
1ghz Processor

Phone Dimensions

Phone Weight
4.1 Ounces

Form Factor
Candybar Touch Screen

Screen Size and Resolution:
4.39" Diagonal, Gavity/motion sensor

Battery Life:
Up to 7.0 hrs talk time, Up to 12 days stand by


Camera resolution:
5.0 Megapixels/ LED Flash / Front facing camera

v 3.0

Charge/data cable
Micro USB

Headphone Jack
Standard iPod type size 3.5mm

Micro SD card
Comes with 4gb microSD card and supports Up to 32Gb
Straight Talk GSM ZTE Merit 990g Straight Talk GSM ZTE back view Straight Talk GSM ZTE side view

LG Ultimate Features

Large Screen, attractive design, full featured Android includes Google Play/Youtube/Google Maps/Navigation and more.

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Phone Look Feel

The Optimus Ultimate has a prototypical design that's now very familiar with the newer LG Optimus line. The biggest thing to point out on this phone is the fact that it has large screen, 4.39" in fact. This isn't a high end phone by any means so by in large, the look feel is of the mid level grade. First, the body and screen are plastic, which is no surprise there. The phone isn't particularly flashy but not ugly or cheap by any means. I'll call it, minimalist because you'll just find a dark gray bezel around the screen and at the top of the phone.

The layout is straight forward. At the top you find the power button and the head phone jack. On the upper left you have the volume rocker. Right hand side is devoid of any buttons because guess what, this one does not have a dedicated camera button. Finally, at the bottom you have your charge port. The most notable layout feature here are the 3 Android buttons at the bottom of the screen. The middle one is push type but not the cheap kind because this one actually looks good and is inset into the phone. This button is flanked by touch buttons that light up when touched.

Finally, the back of the phone has a dark gray textured battery cover that's easy to install and remove. As expected, you find the digital camera there and an LED flash. Be aware that the camera lens sticks out just a tad from the battery cover so it's not inset or anything. A protective cover will be a must if you want to keep the camera out of harms way.


Guess what, this is an Android phone so it comes with all of the cool Android apps. Now don't worry because Straight Talk has not taken away any of the things that make Android so cool. You can still download apps from the Google Play store, you can map your travels with Google Maps, watch videos with Youtube, so you get the drift that the phone is not handicapped in any way.

This being more of a higher end phone, it does come with a 1ghz processor so you get plenty speed for running just about any app you can download. This includes all streaming apps like Netflix, though do be aware that the Straight Talk data plan can be throttled at any time. Of course you can always use WiFi when available.

All in all, features are great on this phone and is well worth the $249.


This is an excellent phone with great features. The large screen is great for watching your cat videos and such. The price is right so it won't break the bank. Now this isn't the cheapest Android for Straight Talk but it is the cheapest one with this class screen. You will have to shell out 400 bucks for the Galaxy S3 if you want a bigger screened Straight Talk phone, though I must say those border on the side of obscenity in terms of size. So the LG Ultimate will be perfect and a great price!