Straight Talk 3G and WiFi Nokia E5 Smartphone |

Straight Talk 3G and WiFi Nokia E5 Smartphone

Nokia E5 Find out if the Nokia E5 is Available in your Area

Dimensions:4.49" x 2.32" x 0.50"

Screen Dimensions:2.4" Diagonal

Weight: 4.44 oz

Technology: GSM

Data: Yes - fast 3g

WiFi: Yes

Form Factor: Monoblock full QWERTY keyboard

Signal Strength: Excellent

Audio Quality: Excellent

Durability: Excellent

Digital Camera: Yes - 5 megapixel with flash

Headphone Jack: 3.5mm (Standard iPod type)

Battery Life: 13 hours Talk Time, up to 27 days stand by

Extra Features: True Smartphone using ATT 3g network (where available), Full HTML browser, WiFi(wireless), Turn by turn GPS, Symbian Operating System, Full Email Client(Exchange accessible, Gmail, Yahoo, Aol etc.), download applications and games from the Nokia Ovi app store, Youtube streaming.

Find out if the Nokia E5 is Available in your Area


The Nokia E5 is a true business class smartphone for the discerning prepaid user. This is a rock solid phone on par with Blackberry devices. The beautiful European design makes this phone a stunner. Unlike the jumbo sized Androids dominating the market today, the E5 is super compact while still maintaining full functionality. This is a perfect smartphone for those with more exquisite tastes. Feature wise, this phone is right up there with the best of them. Features like 3g speeds, Wifi, apps via the Nokia Ovi store , full email client and GPS make the E5 a real can't miss winner.

Phone Look and Feel

This modern European beauty is a real knockout. The high quality plastic black body is perfectly accented with aluminum trim on the front and back. You really won't find a much better looking smartphone than the E5, except for maybe the E71. The thing that makes this phone really pop is that it is a complete departure from the countless of smartphone devices you see these days. .

A quick look around the phone reveals a simple easy to use interface. Beside the full QWERTY keyboard, 6 physical buttons and a full direction navigation pad comprise the main interface to the phone. The top of the phone houses the 3.5mm head phone jack (same as iPod) and charge port. Right hand side houses the volume button and that's it. There are no unnecessary buttons cluttering this phone which is what we really love about it. Simple, elegant and beautiful is the only way to describe the look feel of this phone.

Find out if the Nokia E5 is Available in your Area


As you would expect from a full fledged smartphone, the E5 has no shortage of features. We simply do not have enough space to list all the features on this phone. The highlights are the 3g connectivity and WiFi, so no shortage of speed here. The one thing that really stood out is the fully customizable Facebook like homescreen that allows you to list your contact icons in a nicely scrolling fashion. Other business grade features include a full email client for connecting to all major email providers including your Exchange server at work provided Active Sync is enabled.

As you would expect from a smartphone, the E5 allows you the ability to download apps from the Nokia Ovi apps store. You can do this directly from the phone itself, no need to download on PC and mess with data cables. There are plenty of free apps on the Ovi Store and you can register without entering financial info which is nice.

GPS is another wonderful feature on the E5. Unlike other smartphones, there's no need to pay for over priced GPS apps. The built in GPS app is many times better than the lame Google maps most smartphones ship with. The GPS app on the E5 will get you there with full turn by turn voice gps. Best of all, the service is free so no subscriptions to pay for. If features is what you want, the E5 is the phone for you. There's certainly no shortage of features on this phone. If you find something it doesn't have, simply logon to the Ovi store and look for it. This phone gives you all the features of an Android/iPhone and the QWERTY functionality of a Blackberry all in one device.


The E5 is an excellent smartphone for users wantint to take advantage of today's inexpensive prepaid plans but don't want to sacrifice features. Unlike lesser feature prepaid phones, the E5 won't leave you wishing for more because this phone has it all. Nokia's legendary European styling makes this a standout in a sea of black oversized devices that dominate todays smartphone landscape. If you are looking for a true business grade smartphone, then look no further than the Nokia E5. Even if you aren't a power business user, the E5 is for you. Hurry up and grab one though because these won't last long!