Straight Talk LG Optimus Dynamic 2 Full Review |

Straight Talk LG Optimus Dynamic 2 Full Review

Today we present the Straight Talk LG Optimus Dynamic 2. This is a compact 4" screened device with a familiar look feel. With the Dynamic 2, LG revisits the rounded corners in lieu of the very angular square corners which they've kind of been known for in the last couple of years. The Optimus Dynamic 2 is an excellent entry level compact phone with an all new look feel to it.

Note that this is a CDMA device so Straight Talk will activate it with either Verison or Sprint.

Carrier Straight Talk with $45 Unlimited - Activated with Verizon or Sprint
Release Date November/December 2013

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Phone Technology:
Verizon/Sprint CDMA / 3g data / WiFi

Android OS
4.1 Jelly Bean

Processor Speed
1ghz Processor

Phone Dimensions
4 1/2""x2 1/2"x 1/2"

Phone Weight
4.5 Ounces

Form Factor
Compact Candybar Touch Screen

Screen Size and Resolution:
4" Diagonal, Gavity/motion sensor

Battery Life:
Up to 8.0 hrs talk time, Up to 11 days stand by


Camera resolution:
3.0 Megapixels

v 3.0

Charge/data cable
Micro USB

Headphone Jack
Standard iPod type size 3.5mm

Micro SD card
Comes with 4gb microSD card and supports Up to 32Gb
Straight Talk CDMA Optimus Dynamic 2

LG Dynamic 2 Features

Compact design, full 4" screen, featured Android Jelly Bean includes Google Play/Youtube/Google Maps/Navigation and more.


Specs on the Dynamic 2 are quite robust. First off, we have a 1 ghz processor and Android Jelly Bean. This combo makes the phone really fly! This may not be the most powerful processor out there but performance is very good and works great with multi media services like Youtube, Netflix, etc. If apps is your thing, then don't worry because performance there is also excellent. All apps I tried worked great without any issues or hesitation.

Now for a bit of Debby Downer, the camera is only 3mp which is kind of dated for 2013 model phone. 5mp would have been just right on this phone. That said, the images aren't horrible but you will have some issues in low light.

Phone Look Feel

The Optimus Dynamic 2 comes to us with an all new design compared to the Optimus Straight Talk from the last year or so. With this device, LG revisits the rounded corner design and 4 button Android layout. Out the window is the middle puch button design which was getting kind of dated. Does anyone know how to push buttons anymore? This one has 4 capacitive backlit buttons just below the screen.

I really liked the full 4" screen which takes up most of the face of the phone. I liked the old Optimus phones but felt that much real estate was take up by, well, nothing. If you take a look at the old Dynamic/Logic models, you will see lots of empty space just below the screen. Despite the larger screen, the phone remains relatively compact wich is always welcomed. I'm a pocket carrier so a compact phone is always nice.


I'm not going too in depth on the features because after all, this is an Android device. Suffice it to say, you get all the usual suspects on the Dymaic 2. As we know, we get Google Play, Google Maps, Navigation, YouTube, WiFi, MP3, et al. If you're new to Straight Talk, then you need to know that all these Android features work just like they do on any other phone. This means you can download all apps that are available on the Google Play store. This is all done through Google so Straight Talk does not limit these in any way, provided you have a Google account and credit card on file with Google so you can pay for any non-free apps.


This is an excellent update of one of the more popular Straight Talk models. As far as I'm concerned, all of the issues on the original Dynamic have been addressed except for the camera. For the price, I would say this is the best entry level Straight Talk phone at this time.