Straight Talk Samsung S735C CDMA Android |

Straight Talk Samsung S735C CDMA Android

The Straight Talk Samsung S735C features the new look Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS. This is one of the first Straight Talk phones to feature the Android 4.0 os. As such, this is a worthwhile device worth taking a look at.

Carrier Straight Talk with $45 Unlimited
Release Date January 2013

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Phone Technology:
CDMA using either Verizon or Sprint

Android OS
4.0 Ice Cream Sandich with Samsung TouchWiz interface

Phone Dimensions

Phone Weight
4.20 Ounces

Form Factor
Candybar form factor with Full Touch Screen

Screen Size and Resolution:
3.5" Diagonal, 320 x 480 pixels 262K color with Light Sensor , Proximity sensor and gavity/motion sensor

Battery Life:
Up to 3hrs talk time, Up to 9 days stand by


Camera resolution:
3.0 Megapixel rear camera with led flash

v 3.0

Charge/data cable
Micro USB

Headphone Jack

Micro SD card
Up to 32Gb support

Straight Talk Samsung s735
Straight Talk Samsung s735

Samsung Precedent Features

Android 4.0, 1.0ghz processor, Google play/Android App Market, compact design, Full HTML browser, Video, Camera, Bluetooth, Voice commands, Micro SD card, advanced GPS navigation, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, MP3 player, Swipe Keyboard, more.

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Phone Look and Feel

The Samsung S735C brings us the very familiar entry level Samsung look feel to it. Be aware that this is more a deluxe entry level model if you will so it does have an all plastic body with plastic screen, sorry no gorilla glass on this one. The phone looks fairly basic with a shiny black bezel surrounding the screen and the typical iPhonesque rounded corners and dimensions.

As with all newer entry level Straight Talk devices, the S735c comes to us sans camera button or 4th Android button. I suppose this saves us a few bucks without loosing much by way of functionality. I sure am tired of taking pictures of my empty pockets any way. As far as the 4th android button, it's sort like the 5th Beatle, who needs it!


Very familiar features here. As with all Androids, we get Google Play, Full HTML browsing, Google Maps, etc. I suppose the main feature worth mentioning here is the fact that this phone ditches the slow 800mhz processor for a much better and faster 1.0ghz one. This means that you can actually watch Netflix on this one! Of course, this being an Android 4.0 device we get all thew new look/feel upgrades on the Operating system as well as all the new features that come along with it. We won't cover them here because everybody and their grandma has already got it covered on the internet and Youtube.

Overall, solid feature set on the 735. I really like the fact that this has a 1.0 cpu which makes more powerful than the entry level Straight Talks of yesteryear.


The Samsung S735C represents a nice upgrade to the typical entry level devices Straight Talk has been giving us for the last couple of years. It's more powerful than what we are used to on the entry level line yet remains quite affordable and worth taking a look at for sure..