Transfering MP3s to Your Straight Talk Samsung R451C |

Transfering MP3s to Your Straight Talk Samsung R451C

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mp3 r451cOne of the coolest things about the Samsung R451C is the onboard MP3 player. Transferring music is very easy and can be accomplished one of two ways. You will need to purchase a microSD card, a 2gb card will work great. You can also try a 4gb card but the phone might not recognize it. If it doesn't no big deal, they are relatively cheap and can be used for plenty of other things including your digital camera if you get one that comes with a regular SD card adapter. You will also need either a Compatible USB Data Cable or you can buy an inexpensive SD card reader that will connect to your USB port. Be aware that without the microSD card, your phone will not go into the MP3 player options since it does not use the built in phone memory. You will also need a 2.5mm head phone adapter so you can either plug in some head phones or connect to an AUX jack.

Transferring Using Data Cable

1. On the phone Desktop press key under the 'Menu' option.
2. Select the bottom right hand icon called 'Settings' and press OK.
3. In the Settings menu, select the 'Phone Settings' (option 5) and press OK.
4. Now scroll all the way down to 'PC Connection' (option 7) and press OK.
5. Select the 'USB Mass Storage' option.
6. Connect the Data Cable to both PC and phone.
7. Phone should not go into PC connection mode and should display "Connected to PC".
8. Double click on the "My Computer" icon
9. Double click on the new "Removable Disk" icon.
10. Double click the "My Music" folder.
11. You can now start dropping your MP3 music into the "My Music" folder or access the Removable disk from your favorite music downloading program.

Transferring Using Data Card Reader

1. Turn the phone off.
2. Install the microSD card. This will add the necessary "Music" folder to the SD card. The slot is located on the bottom right hand side when you remove the battery cover (looking at the phone right side up with battery facing you).
3. Turn the phone on for a minute or so.
4. Turn phone back off.
5. Remove microSD card.
6. Insert microSD card into a compatible data card reader and connect to available USB port on your pc.
7. Open up the "My Computer" icon on your PC.
8. You can now start dropping your MP3s into the "Music" folder or access it from your favorite music program.
9. When done, reinstall the microSD card and enjoy!