Transferring Data To the Straight Talk Samsung R451C - Data Cable |

Transferring Data To the Straight Talk Samsung R451C - Data Cable

Straight Talk R451c Data CableUsing a supported USB Data Cable is the easiest way to transfer ringtones, images and mp3s to your R451C. You will also need a microSD card since the internal phone memory is not accessible using the data cable. If you do not have a microSD card, the cable will only charge your phone and you will not be able to transfer files. This compatible Data Cable will work fine and is not very expensive. This 2gb microSD card will work great on the R451C.

To transfer files, first install your microSD card. You will need to remove the battery cover to access the microSD slot. The slot is located on the bottom right hand side of the phone. Simply push the microSD card in until it clicks in place. Take note of the SD card orientation. It will only go in one way, with the flat side of the SD card facing down (text side up on most SD cards). You will now need to enable the phone for PC Data transfer. You can access this setting by following these instructions:

1. On the phone Desktop press key under the 'Menu' option.
2. Select the bottom right hand icon called 'Settings' and press OK.
3. In the Settings menu, select the 'Phone Settings' (option 5) and press OK.
4. Now scroll all the way down to 'PC Connection' (option 7) and press OK.
5. Select the 'USB Mass Storage' option.

You are ready to connect the Data Cable. Phone end goes in same port where you charge the phone. The USB end goes to an open USB port on your PC. Once connected, your phone will display "Connected to PC". You can exit this mode by clicking 'Done', your phone will now go into charge mode, charging the phone from your USB power.

While in "Connected to PC" mode, you can now upload or download files directly from the SD card. To access the phone, simply double click on the "My Computer" icon on your pc and you will see a new "Removable Disk" icon. Double clicking on it will show you the 4 folders where you can upload/download your media.

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