Transferring Data To the Straight Talk Samsung R451C - Card Reader |

Transferring Data To the Straight Talk Samsung R451C - Card Reader

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Straight Talk R451c card readerUsing a card reader is an easy and inexpensive way to transfer data to and from your Samsung R451C is easy. You will need a microSD card and a compatible data card reader. You can also transfer files using a data cable.

To transfer files, you will first need to install the microSD card on your R451C. To install the microSD card turn your phone off and remove the battery cover from the phone. The slot is located on the bottom right hand side of the phone. Simply push the microSD card in until it clicks in place. Take note of the SD card orientation. It will only go in one way, with the flat side of the SD card facing down (text side up on most SD cards) and the battery side facing you. Once you have the card in, turn on your phone. This will install the necessary folders on SD card. You can now power the phone off and remove the SD card.

Once your SD card is ready to go, simply insert the card into the SD card reader, some card readers will accept the micro variety and some will not. If your reader does not accept micro cards, you will need to get a microSD card adapter or a reader that accepts micro cards. Now it is just a matter of connecting your reader to an available USB port. You computer will recognize the card reader as an external drive which you can access from the My Computer icon or the file explorer. You will see the 4 folders and you can simply drop your files into the folders. Once you are done, simply install the card back on the phone and you will now be able to access your files and/or MP3 player.

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