General Tracfone Information and Benefits |

General Tracfone Information and Benefits

Tracfone is one of America's oldest and the largest prepaid service providers with over 10 million customers. The service works just like a traditional cell phone. They offer a wide range of phones to fit any budget and with their new Double Minutes for Life Plan, they also offer some of the best prepaid rates.

How Does Tracfone Work

As with most prepaid services, Tracfone is pay as you go with no contracts or hidden fees, simply pay for the minutes you need as you need them. Finding the right phone is as easy as visiting their website or a local retailer (Walmart, Radio Shack, and many more). Activation is also extremely easy by either calling their customer service line or activating over the internet. Once the phone is active, you simply purchase minutes from their online store or from a local retailer every 90 days to keep the service active. Minutes can be added online, through customer service or directly from the phone. All minutes and remaining service dates roll over to the next 90 day cycle. Other options include 1 yr service cards which keep your phone active for 1 year, you then purchase minutes as you need them. Yet another option is their auto pay program which bills your credit or debit card every cycle. The phone keeps track of all minutes and always notifies you of your due date. Of course being prepaid, you can simply stop buying minutes should you wish to discontinue service without any cancellation fees. The phone can be reactivated at any time by purchasing a new card. Any minutes that were on the phone are lost. Click here for selection of phones and more info.

Tracfone Benefits

Control Your Costs by Paying as You go

No Contracts or Credit checks

Minutes as low as 8 cents a minute

Monthly service for as little as $6 for light cell phone users

Monthly Discounts Available Here

Online access to customer service, activation and card redemptions

Cancel any time without penalties

Tracfone Coverage Area

Tracfone uses all of the major US carriers to provide coverage. This means that Tracfone's coverage area covers 99% of the US population. Carriers include AT&T, Verizon, TMobile, Alltel, US Cellular and other regional providers in both CDMA and GSM markets. This means that as long as there is cellular coverage in your area, regardless of carrier, you can use a Tracfone. Below are the coverage maps for all 4 major US carriers. Their coverage areas apply to Tracfone as well. Click Here to View Phones for Your Area

AT&T GSM Coverage Area

TMobile GSM Coverage Area

Verizon CDMA Coverage Area