Straight Talk and Net10 LG 620g |

Straight Talk and Net10 LG 620g

LG290 Straight talk Size (closed):3.89"H x 1.88W" x .6"

Size (open):4.89"H x 1.88W" x .6"

Weight: 3.61 OZ

Technology: GSM

Data: Yes

Signal Strength: Good

Audio Quality: Excellent

Durability: Excellent

Battery Life: Up to 5 hours talk time and up to 9 days stand by

Extra Features: basic mobile web, on board mp3 player, onboard FM tuner, 1.3 megapixel camera, BlueTooth, MMS Picture messaging, large color screen and downloadable ringtones/graphics.

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The LG620 is probably one of the best non QWERTY additions to the Net10/Straight Talk line up in quite some time. Why you say? Because for under 40 bucks, you get all of the features you can want on cell phone and with Net10's new rates, you can really take advantage of the basic mobile web offered by this phone. In addition to mobile web, you get an excellent mp3 player, built in FM tuner, camera, BlueTooth, MMS picture messaging and more. This an excellent phone if you like the compact slider form factor.

The 620 is an entry level slender slider measuring a tad less than two inches in width , approximately five inches in length when opened and three inches in length when closed. This makes for a very small and compact package perfect for the pocket carriers. Since its a slider, no need to worry about butt dialing syndrome. Features the same excellent slinding mechanism found on other LG sliders. While entry level by today's standards, the 620 includes some awesome features (MP3 player, fm tuner, camera) that are hard to find on a phone at this price.

Phone Look and Feel

The LG 620 has similar characteristics to the LG 290. Phone has a clean look without flashy trim or unecessary buttons. The 620 feels has a very compact and durable feel to it and unlike Net10 phones from yesteryear, the 620 is absolutely NOT a disposable prepaid phone by any means. The 176 x 220 resolution Display is bright, crisp and clear as you would expect on an LG LCD screen and takes up about 1/3 of the phone length when opened. Other nice touches are the ability to use features in either open or closed position. While closed, launch the browser, viewcontact list , pending text messages , take a pictures and listen to music.

Opening the LG620 can be done easily with the thumb and there is a smooth mechanism that pushes the rest of the slide automatically. The buttons are flat, large and perfectly sized for fat fingering prevention. Keypad response is firm so not a bad non-qwerty phone.

Web Browsing

The LG620G is capable of non 3g browsing speeds. The open browser allows for visiting your favorite mobile sites like Twitter.m and Facebook.m. The browser is not full html so javascript is not supported as is the case with all current Net10 and Straight talk phones. Mobile enabled and non javascript/flas sites are rendered as well as can be expected on this type of phone. The non QWERTY keyboard does take some patience and getting used to like all other numeric keypad based phones but all in all the mobile experience is not bad.

Extra Features

The 620G has all of the extra features found on the more expensive Net10 phones like the Samsung 401 and 355. Very surprising on a phone at this price point. The built in MP3 player and FM tuner alone are well worth the price of admission. Like all other Net10/Straight Talk music phones, the 620 requires a microSD card so you can have multiple cards for a lengthy music selection. Since the phone supports MP3s, MP3 ringtones are also supported as are the polyphonic variety. In addition to the music features, the 620 also comes with a 1.3mp camera with zoom, Bluetooth and Java game capabilities for downloadable games. Excellent extra features well worth the price!

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