Alcatel Onetouch Flex - Net10 Android Touchscreen Full QWERTY |

Alcatel Onetouch Flex - Net10 Android Touchscreen Full QWERTY

The Alcatel One Touch Flex is an interesting touchscreen/full QWERTY design in the same vain as the Blackberry Torch, sans the slider. Excellent phone if you're torn between the touchscreen and full QWERTY or if you do a lot of typing and hate having to slide out the keyboard. The One Touch Flex is mid to entry level device so the price is on the affordable side. Be aware that this is a CDMA device so Net10 is sure to use the Sprint network. Interested? read more..

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Release Date2012

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Phone Technology:
Verizon CDMA

Android OS
2.3 Gingerbread with Samsung TouchWiz interface


Phone Dimensions

Phone Weight
4.3 Ounces

Form Factor
Full Touch Screen / Full QWERTY

Screen Size and Resolution:
240 x 320 pixels, 2.8 inches

Battery Life:
Up to 4hrs talk time, Up to 300 hours (Approx 12 days )


Camera resolution:
5 MP, 2592х1944 pixels

v 3.0

Charge/data cable
Micro USB

Headphone Jack

Micro SD card
Up to 32Gb support

Alcatel Onetouch Features

Non sliding full QWERTY, Google play/Android App Market, compact form factor, Full HTML browser, Video, Camera, Bluetooth, Voice commands, Micro SD card, advanced GPS navigation, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, MP3 player

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Phone Look and Feel

The Alcatel Onetouch is perhaps the most unique model of the Tracfone family in that it really does combine the best of all worlds. That is to say, you get a keyboard, touchscreen, compact size and Android Operating system to boot. Just about everything but the kitchen sink. We are partial to this phone simply because it's so functional and versatile especially for those of us who use our phones for work related stuff.

A tour around the phone reveals a super attractive and functional layout. The face is a matte finish which is surrounded by shiny plastic bezel and an all plastic body. The top is home to the 3.5mm, the right has the volume buttons and left the charger port. Despite the full QWERTY, the Android layout remains the same with the typical Android buttons residing just below the screen. About the only disappointing thing as far as hardware goes is the lack of physical SEND/END buttons which are typical on this type of design. Being that this is a slightly stripped down version of the International Onetouch 9xx Alcatel series, it doesn't surprise of that some things were left out.


We won't go on and on about the Android features because those are well documented. Instead, we will talk about he physical features that distinguish this phone from the prototypical Android device. Despite having the keyboard in the front, the most striking thing about this phone is that it still maintains a very compact size. Now you may think that it really limited on screen real estate but the fact is that it really is not. Of course the screen is smaller than the typical full touch, but we weren't left with a feeling that it hindered in any way, at least not on day to day operations. Now if you want to watch a movie or something, that may be a different story. One cool thing that we weren't expecting is the screen adjusting to landscape, which was really cool as some phones of this design do will not adjust as is the case with most Blackberries. Yet another thing we quite enjoyed were the keyboard keys as they were spaced quite nicely and were very comfortable to use. Again, despite the compact size, we felt Alcatel did a good job. It should be noted that this phone has a 600mhz processor which places it more towards the bottom in terms of performance. That being said, we don't expect people want a phone for multimedia purposes to really go for this phone so the 600mhz is not a factor. We didn't have any problem running most apps we tried. That being said, again, if you want multimedia device, this probably is not it.


The Alcatel Onetouch Flex is an excellent workhorse type phone for busy hard working individuals that need to get things done, not just play games. It's got all of the features that distinguishes productive phones versus toys and gadgets. Sure you can still use it for fun but the full front facing keyboard will be most appreciated by those who type quite a bit for either email or texting. If you're looking for more of multimedia phone, then this is not the model for you as you will be disappointed by the limited screen size and lack of processing power.