General Tracfone Information and Benefits |

General Tracfone Information and Benefits

Net10 offers simple straight forward pricing making it a very simple service to live with. Net10 can be considered an "upscale" version of Tracfone with feature rich phones like the Samsung T401G, Samsung R451C and LG620g that are unavailble through Tracfone. Net10 offers the same coverage as Tracfone with service to 99% of Americans utilizing all major carriers including AT&T, Verizon and TMobile in both CDMA and GSM technologies.

Net10 Web exclusive $25 for 750 Minutes

How does Net10 Work?

Net10 is a simple to use prepaid service. You simply purchase the minutes you need when your service date is up. There are no contracts, no hidden fees and no overage charges. Net10 boasts a simple two awesome new plans, $50 unlimited and 750 minutes for $25. Also available are 200 and 300 minute cards for $20 and $30 respectively. Service due dates vary with the card that is purchased with larger denomination cards giving larger due dates. Due dates range from 30 days for the minimum denomination card all the way up to 180 days on the highest.

Net10 phones and minutes can be purchased at as well as major retailers like Walmart, Target, Radio Shack and many more. Auto pay purchases can also be set up an no cost for easy and convenient refills. Activation and minute redemptions can easily be accomplished online with their intuitive and easy to navigate website. Minutes can also be redeemed directly from the phone so no need to deal with calling customer service, though that option is available if you prefer. Unused minutes and service dates rollover from month to month except ont the $25/750 minute and $50/unlimited.

Canceling Net10 is easy, simply stop buying the cards and you are done. As such, there are no cancellation costs or penalties. Number porting is available if you wish to take your phone number with you or if you wish to activate with Net10. All in all, Net10 is an affordable and convenient service to use and maintain.

Net10 Benefits

Versatile and convenient Rate plans for everyone. Choose from low priced high usage to low priced low usage plans.

No contracts, No daily access or hidden fees, cancel any time without penalties

Feature rich modern phones

Rollover minutes and service dates on most plans

Monthly service for as little as $8 for light cell phone users

High Usage plans including $25 for 750 minutes and $50 for Unlimited voice/text/data

Online access to customer service, activation and card redemptions

Phone number port in/out available

New Net10 Unlimited and High Usage 750 minute $25 Plan

Net10 has just revamped their class leading rates that will make high usage existing Net10 customers very happy. The new Net10 calling plans make for an excellent option even if you're not on Net10 now and just use your phone the average monthly amount of 750 minutes.

What's so Special About it?

The new Net10 750 minute for $25 is priced just below the Straight Talk 1000 minute/$30 plan which makes this service perfect for the average cell phone user. The difference between the Straight Talk $30 plan and the $25 Net10 plan is that the Net10 minutes are applied to voice, texting and mobile web access where as on Straight Talk, you get 1000 voice minutes, 1000 texts and 30 megs of data. In other words, the Net10 minutes apply to all 3 while Straight Talk treats voice, text and web separately.

The second addition is the $50/Unlimited plan. $5 more than the Straight Talk unlimited but excellent deal if you are an existing Net10 user that wants to avoid the hassles of switching and new phone costs.

Finally, Net10 has lowered their rates on all but 2 cards. 3 new web only cards have been introduced that lower the old 10 cent rate to about 7 cents for a savings of 30%.

These are excellent deals for existing Net10 customers. If you're looking to get out of that expensive contract plan then consider Net10 as a possible choice as these are some of the best rates on the prepaid market. Click Here for a Net10, Tracfone Comparison