Net10 / Tracfone Motorola EX124g |

Net10 / Tracfone Motorola EX124g

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Phone Dimensions: 4.3" x 1.8" x 0.6"

TouchScreen Dimensions: 1.6" x 3" - 3.2" Horizontal

Weight: 2.79 oz.

Technology: GSM

Form Factor:Resistive Touch screen

Email Client: Yes

Bluetooth: v2.1 with A2DP

USB: MicroUSB v2.0

WiFi: No

Rear Camera: Yes , 3.0 megapixels

Front Camera: No

Headphone Jack: Standard 3.5mm (iPod type)

Data: Yes - Standard Edge (non 3g)

Signal Strength: Good

Audio Quality: Excellent

Durability: Excellent

Battery Life: Up to 8 days (standby), Up to 4 hours (talk time)

Storage: External micro SD card (not included)

Extra Features: Supports Java apps, Full HTML browser, Built in Email client, MP3 player, SD card slot for storage (card not included), video camera, Bluetooth, touch screen, preloaded widgets

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Motorola EX124g is the closest thing to a smartphone you will currently get with Tracfone or Net10. The phone features an attractive touchscreen that motion senses and adjusts to QWERTY when horizontal. Despite the large touchscreen, the phone remains very compact. The black on chrome finish make for quite an attractive combination. Top quality solid construction is well suited for heavy usage individuals or for those of us prone to dropping our phones. Probably good for first time teenage phone users. Simply designed to only have three physical keys (center home screen, SEND key, and END key). All around, a superior offering to the LG800g.

Phone Look and Feel

The EX124 has that quality feel to it that lets you know it's not cheaply made. The body is all black plastic construction with a black chrome bezel that looks extremely nice. As mentioned earlier, the phone is fairly compact, fitting nicely in the palm. The resistive screen (physical push touch type) responds very well. In fact, the responsiveness was quite surprising. No need to push firmly on this one because it responds to slight pushes. Responsiveness is probably due to the light weight screen material that's more of a film than a hard plastic.

Below the screen are 3 physical keys which are kind of cool because they are of the touch response kind instead of the push button kind so they respond very quickly. Side buttons include a screen lock button that lets you lock the screen on demand, volume buttons and a camera quick launch button. Another worthy mention is the motion sensor which is surprising for a value priced touch phone. This allows you to text both horizontally and vertically with QWERTY keypads in either position. Picture viewer also adjusts to horizontal and vertical positioning. That being said, not everything adjusts, the browser being one of them. We didn't find this to be a big deal as the vertical browsing looked and worked just fine.

Find out if the Tracfone Motorola EX124g is Available in your Area with 3x Units


As we touched on earlier (no pun intended), the touch screen on this phone is quite responsive despite being the resistive type. One of the best ways to test this is by texting. In either horizontal or vertical mode, key strokes register easily and accurately. It gives you QWERTY in both modes but the virtual keys are larger when in horizontal mode.

As a bonus, Motorola includes a stylus for better screen response though you certainly won't need it unless you have large fingers. The nice thing about the stylus is that it's nicely camouflaged, it actually looks like part of the phone. The usual concern when it comes to styluses is the easy to loose factor. The good thing about this one is that it's in there very securely so short of letting kids play with the phone, you shouldn't have any issues with that.


The Motorola EX124g is loaded with features including access to improved downloads. You can get games, ringtones, and a few other things. Like all the latest Tracfone phones, you can download popular free applications like Opera Mini browser by way of Java apps from mobile app sites. One of the best and most surprising features is the built in Email client. So you can program the phone with your email account info and access your email directly from the phone. This will work on any email provider that allows for smtp/pop/imap email access (GMail, AOL, Yahoo and many more). This is the only Tracfone that can do this so this is very exciting indeed!

Other great features include a good 3 mp camera (the highest available in a Tracfone), video recorder, FM radio player. One feature that we found to be very unique was the Schedule FM record that actually lets you schedule a time to record your favorite radio station.

The Motorola EX124g also comes preloaded with widgets like alarm clock and calendar which you can save on one of three home screens for quick access. The home screens work the same as newer smart phones by letting you slide between the three. While the 3 screens can be customized, the second screen is home to Airtime display and MP3 widgets which cannot be deleted in case you're wondering.


In conclusion, the Motorola EX124g is an excellent step up from your run of the mill NET10/Tracfone . We liked the quality feel, interface responsiveness and the large touch screen. Together, these options make the Motorola EX124g for the most robust Net10/Tracfone feature phone offering to date.

We think the Motorola EX124g is going to be a top NET10/Tracfone seller and you can't go wrong with this upgrade!