Tracfone LG500g How to Add Shortcut Keys Widget |

Tracfone LG500g How to Add Shortcut Keys Widget

The LG500g has a nice little widget for adding shortcuts to your favorite items. Quickly get to you mp3 player, camera, calendar, etc with a few arrow key presses. Once you enable the widget, it is quickly accessed by pressing the Up key. You can then scroll Left or Right or customize by pressing Options.

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Text Instructions

Instructions for Activating Shortcut widget.

1. Press MenuB
2. Select Settings (Gear icon)
3. Select Display
4. Select Screen Theme
5. On Screen Them, go down to Display Items.
6. Scroll left or right to select your preferred widget.
7. Press Done to save.
The most useful is the Toolbar widget as this lets you add items like the MP3 player directly to your home screen but try out the other widgets to see which you like best!

To customize the widget.

1. From home screen, press up key.
2. Select Options.
3. From Options menu, select Change Shortcut.
4. Select the shortcut you want to customize, there are 5 available to customize.
5. Press Options again.
6. Press Edit option.
7. Select the Menu item containing shortcut you want to add then press Select. You can scroll through all available menus such as Contacts, My Folder, Settings, Prepaid, etc..
8. Select the option/feature to add and press Select.

That's all there is to it! That option will now show in the widget bar on the home screen.