Tracfone LG500g How to Turn On Vibrate |

Tracfone LG500g How to Turn On Vibrate

The LG500g has lots of features for customizing your tones and vibrate option. There are a couple of ways to turn the vibrate option on. Checkout the instructions below.

See if the LG500g is available in your area

1.Locate the 'Sym' key. You will see a little speaker with line through it.

2. Press and hold the key for 1-2 seconds.

3. Your phone will give you a "Silent Activated" confirmation.

4. Silent vibrate is now on. To disable silent, press and hold the button again.

Customizing Sound settings

1. Press Menu then select the Gear icon for Settings.

2. Select Profiles (first option).

3. By default, the phone has the 'Normal' option selected. Highlight the desired Profile and press Options.

4. Press Select on the Edit option.

5. You can now scroll through all the options and set them accordingly. You can change ring tone, ring tone volume, message tone, vibrate, key tone volume and lots of other options.

6. Press 'Done' to save your settings.