Installing A MicroSD Card In Your Straight Talk R451C |

Installing A MicroSD Card In Your Straight Talk R451C

Straight Talk R451c microSD cardAdding a MicroSD card is a great and inexpensive way to expand functionality and storage on your R451. This will allow you to add a large amounts of ringtones and pictures. Best of all, it will allow you to use the great built in MP3 player functions.

Installing the SD card is easy though at first glance, it's hard to figure out exactly where the the card goes. Follow the instructions below to install your SD card:

1. Turn the phone off.
2. Remove the battery cover. There is a push button on the top of the phone. Simply push the button with one finger and pull the battery cover back with another.
3. Locate the SD card slot on the bottom right hand corner.
4. With the phone right side up and the battery facing you, insert the SD card with the text side of the SD card facing you. If your SD card does not have any text, the flat side of the card points down.
5. Push the SD card until it clicks.
6. Install the battery cover.

Now that your SD card is installed, its just a matter of turning your phone on. There are 2 easy ways of transferring files to your newly installed SD card. Transfer Files using a data cable or Transfer Files using a card reader