Recover Deleted Text Messages From Any GSM Phone |

Recover Deleted Text Messages From Any GSM Phone

You have a problem, you want to recover deleted text messages from your GSM phone but have no clue how or what to do. First off, this is entirely possible provided you have the right tools. Forget about the software options that claim to be able to do this via Bluetooth or any other method for that matter, they DON'T WORK. Also, forget about all those internet hacks, all that's going to get you is a broken SIM with irretrievable data. So like everything else, you have to invest a little money to get to the precious data.

Here's What To Do:

1.Depending on the urgency, STOP ALL text messaging and STOP saving anything to your sim card. So this may mean adding contacts to your address book. The reason for this is simple. Just like a computer, deleting text messages, contacts or anything else stored on the SIM is really not deleted instantly. It is held for a period of time until new stuff starts overwriting the deleted sections. So the more stuff you add, the more deleted stuff gets erased.

2. If the phone is not yours, and you are trying to stealthly get the SIM, I suggest you skip to step 3. You don't want to take out the SIM, disable the phone and raise suspicion. You will need to be clever about this of course. Keep reading for recommended methods on tactfully or stealthfully securing the phone.

3. You will need a SIM card reader, these are tough to find locally. You will need to turn to online sources. Here is a good USB SIM reader at Brick House Security (makers of that child locator device you see in the Duracell commercials). They have a $50 rebate on it right now. If you plan on using it on someone else's phone, like your spouse, I highly recommend you secure the reader without them knowing.

4. Your new SIM card reader will come with software that allows you to connect to the card reader. The software is quite simple to use and you can read the messages with a click of a button. Below is a screen shot of the software.


Save $50 On the Cell Phone Spy Sim Reader

4. You can now make print screens, save or print your findings (Hopefully they aren't as bad as you suspected)

5. Remove SIM from reader , install it back on the phone and you are done.

Suggestions for Securing a Phone That Does not Belong to You

There are a number of ways to do this. So long as the mark does not have any suspicions on your intent, there really is no reason for them to worry much about it. After all, they think their suspicious texts are long deleted.

1. Ask to borrow the phone, say you misplaced yours, left it at work, etc. Be discrete, don't raise suspicion. Just ask for it nicely. If they say no, play it off act like it's no big deal.

2. If you think they will say no, then you will need to come up with a clever tactic which will give them no choice but to say yes. Offer to go buy groceries or something. Then as you walk out the door act as if you don't know where your phone is. Ask to borrow theirs, just in case you need to call them for something. Of course you will need a laptop for this and you will really need to do what you offered.

3. If you can't get the phone through civil means, then you may need to procure it in a more clandestine way. Wait for the mark to be in the shower, sleeping, etc. Pay close attention to their usual phone resting spot so you don't have to rummage and raise suspicion.

4. If your mark is overly protective of the phone. Wait for them to charge it. Sooner or later they will have to do so. If they are protective, it will more than likely be when they go to bed. Again, pay close attention to where they keep the phone while charging.

5. If the above fails, you will need to get even more creative. Here is a suggestion. Buy a cheap prepaid phone (the $10 variety). Ask the mark to "lend" you their SIM so you can check to see if the cheapy phone will work with it. Chances are, they won't suspect anything since they have no clue you can read the SIM.

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