Straight Talk and Net10 GSM Samsung T401 GSM |

Straight Talk and Net10 GSM Samsung T401 GSM

Samsung t401g Net10Size:4.4"W x 2.00H" x .7"

Weight: 4.24 OZ

Technology: GSM

Data: Yes

Signal Strength: Excellent

Audio Quality: Excellent

Battery Life: Up to 5 hours talk time and up to 15 days stand by

Extra Features: mobile web, 1.3 megapixel camera, video recording capabilities, expandable micro SD slot with suprisingly high 16 gig capacity, MP3 player, Slide Qwerty Keyboard,MMS Picture Messaging, BlueTooth,.

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The T401g is basically the same phone as the R451C that has been available for some time, of course the main difference is that the new t401g is for the GSM coverage area. This should make alot of Straight Talk customers very happy because this expands the excellent Straight Talk coverage area to include GSM customers. Like the R451, this phone has a good 1.3 mega pixel camera and expandable microSD memory card (up to 16gb). The T401g also expands on the 451 features by adding video recording capabilities. Yet another cool thing is that it is one of the few phones that is data cable enabled so transferring images and music is a breeze with the Samsung Data cable. All in all, this (like the 451) is an excellent all around phone. Those who enjoy texting will find the slide out qwerty keyboard particularly useful and those who enjoy music on the go will really like the easy to use mp3 player..

Phone Look and Feel
The look and feel of the T401g is excellent. The gloss black body makes it quite stylish and unlike some of the lower end phones, this one has a high quality heavy feel to it. The main numeric keypad is made of hard durable plastic and are very easy to use. The slide out keyboard engages very smoothly and can easily be extended with one hand. About the only negative is that the keyboard does not lock so some sort of carrying case is a must when carried someplace where it will be tossed around. The QWERTY keyboard also has a high end quality feel with soft rubber buttons that are easy to press and feel nice on the fingers. They are spaced just right to minimize finger fumbling. Another nice thing about the QWERTY keyboard is that it is very intuitive making it easy to switch from upper case to lower case to numeric. Like the rest of the phone, the screen is high quality and protected by hard plastic for extra durability. Overall, the phone has a modern, high end quality feel to it so you can be sure it will last you quite a while and you will not be embarrassed to carry the T401g around.

MP3 Player
T401g has suprisingly good MP3 player functions. You will need a microSD card to store your music because the phone does not have internal storage capacity. For transferring files, you will need either a data cable or sd card reader. Like the rest of the phone, the MP3 player is easy to use with intuitive functions. Once engaged, you simply use the main navigation keys for playlist navigation. The interface will display song length, play time , song name and artist if it is encoded on the mp3 file. Another cool thing is the ability to change display settings. The phone offers 4 visual settings including a simple view, equalizer, album art and lyrics. Other nice player features include the ability to create play lists based on artist, albums, genres or custom play list. You can listen to your mp3s either through the phone speaker or headphones. You will need to find head phones with a 2.5mm jack or a 2.5mm adapter. All in all, the mp3 option is awesome and really makes this phone worth owning. The 16gig capacity makes it very easy to have plenty of songs on hand.