Straight Talk ZTE Merit 990g - Android for GSM Calling Areas |

Straight Talk ZTE Merit 990g - Android for GSM Calling Areas

The Straight Talk Zte Merit 990g offers a refreshing departure from the CDMA only Android models. Yes, that's right, this is the first Android GSM to be offered by Straight Talk. While the phone is of the entry level variety, the introduction of the GSM technology to the Straight Talk Android lineup is a notable one. So if you are in a GSM only or perhaps have better GSM coverage, then you definitely want to look into the GSM ZTE Merit. Interested? read more..

Carrier Straight Talk with $45 Unlimited
Release Date May 2012

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Phone Technology:
Tmobile GSM

Android OS
2.3 Gingerbread

Phone Dimensions

Phone Weight
4.5 Ounces

Form Factor
Candybar Touch Screen

Screen Size and Resolution:
3.5" Diagonal, 320 x 480 pixels 262K color with Light Sensor , Gavity/motion sensor

Battery Life:
Up to 6.0 hrs talk time, Up to 9.5 days stand by


Camera resolution:
5.0 Megapixels

v 3.0

Charge/data cable
Micro USB

Headphone Jack

Micro SD card
Up to 32Gb support
Straight Talk GSM ZTE Merit 990g Straight Talk GSM ZTE back view Straight Talk GSM ZTE side view

ZTE Merit 990g Features

GSM technology, Google play/Android App Market, compact design, Full HTML browser, Video, 5.0 mp Camera, Bluetooth, Voice commands, Micro SD card, advanced GPS navigation, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, MP3 player, Swipe Keyboard, affordable price.

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Phone Look and Feel

The ZTE Merit is a standard layout compact Android device. Yes, it's an entry level model so you won't find a whole lot of pizzazz here. What it does offer, however, is a simple layout and intuitive design. The Merit has a standard all plastic body with a quality weight and feel to it. There are no superfluous trims, best way to describe is right down to business

A look around the phone reveals the typical Menu, Home, Back Search buttons in that order just below the screen. The buttons are of the touch variety so they offer a nice tactile feel. While the buttons work great, they aren't as attractive as other entry level Androids. The right hand side of the phone reveals your usual volume rockers. On the left we find the charge/data port, the top is home to head phone jack. There is no dedicated camera button which might be good or bad depending on your point of view so no more pictures of the inside of your pocket.


The ZTE Merit is solid on features as one would expect on an Android device. Of course you get full access to Google Play, aka Android App market. Keep in mind that this is an entry level device so the processor is only 600 mhz. Not a speedster by any means but we found that all apps we tried worked great. You won't be able to run a whole lot of them simultanously but that's not a big deal. Perhaps one of the main features that set this phone appart from the other entry level Straight Talk offerings is the excellent 5.0mp camera. Not too shaby for a phone of this caliber. In fact, it's got 2.5x more resolution than the other entry level Straight Talk model, namely the Samsung Precedent.

In case you're wondering, yes this phone has all Android features enabled including Google Maps, full HTML browsing capabilities, Google Play apps, etc. All in all, the ZTE is an excellent little phone with plenty of features at an excellent price. All that said, the most notable feature is the GSM technology simply because this brings more coverage to the best unlimited deal out there.


You may be wondring if this phone is worth the money or perhaps better than other entry level Androids. Our answer is a definite yes! It's certainly not the absolute best phone out there but if you're seeking a solid affordable GSM android and want to save some cash on the Straight Talk plan, then the ZTE Merit doesn't dissapoint.