Straight Talk LG 290C |

Straight Talk LG 290C

LG290 Straight talk Size (closed):4.1"H x 1.91W" x .6"

Size (open):5.1"H x 1.91W" x .6"

Weight: 3.61 OZ

Technology: CDMA

Data: Yes

Signal Strength: Great

Audio Quality: Excellent

Durability: Good

Battery Life: Up to 3 hours talk time and up to 7.5 days stand by

Extra Features: basic mobile web, 1.3 megapixel camera, BlueTooth, MMS Picture messaging, large color screen and downloadable ringtones/graphics.

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The LG290 is a slender vertical slider cell phone by LG Electronics. It is less than two inches in width , approximately five inches in length when opened and three inches in length when closed. This makes it one compact and easy to carry cell phone. The slide mechanism is excellent and can be slid in a one upward motion with the thumb. The Straight Talk LG290 is a slightly stripped down version of the Sprint LG290 in that it does not include GPS capabilities. Having said that, it has a pretty nice feature set including web access, a 1.3 mp camera, BlueTooth, predictive text for SMS, and a large screen. The LG290 makes for an excellent mid level phone for those who are looking for a nice feature set and the compact convenience of a slider phone. Straight Talk Plan Details

Phone Look and Feel

The LG 290 is a rugged modern feel. Its gray color gives it an urban yet classic look. When closed, it feels compact and sturdy (It shows LG did not cut corners when making this device). The LCD screen is also a nice feature since it takes up 33% of the body. Some of the features can be used when closed or opened. While closed, you can launch the browser with the right soft key, view your contact list by pressing the down arrow key and selecting "Contact List", view your pending text messages by pressing the left arrow key, and take a picture by pressing one of the two right side keys (the low one).

Sliding the LG290 open is done in one smooth upward motion with the thumb. After the slide is up half way, there is a slick mechanism that pushes the rest of the slide automatically (Also happens when being closed). When opened, a pretty nicely designed keypad is reveled. The buttons are nicely spread from each other and big enough to press with ease. The keypad is all the same level so the good key press response comes in handy when texting. Find Out if Straight Talk is Available in Your Area

Web Browsing

The LG290 has an open browser since it's CDMA with Verizon and though it's 1x CDMA speed, you can comfortably browse your favorite sites with ease. The open browser allows you to visit any site you wish including social media sites like Twitter and Facebok. Mobile enabled sites display nicely. All in all a capable browser though without the QWERTY keyboard it does take some patience to type URLS and text. If you are looking for better browsing options, you may want to look at the Samsung R451C with its full QWERTY keyboard and easy browsing features.

Cool Features

The LG290 has several cool features we had to mention. Firs off, it has a very high ease of use factor, meaning, there are features built in to make using the phone easy and convenient.

For example, some devices require you to be on a call to turn the speaker feature on or a long press of a key is needed to turn it on. The LG290 however has a dedicated button on the right side (top one) which triggers the speaker as soon as it's pressed! This button makes it super easy to turn the speaker on and off when you need it with a single touch.

There are also four individual buttons (see top image) when the slide is opened to quickly get to specific features without looking for them through the menu. A key labeled "text" takes you to the new text message screen. This is excellent for those who text often. The next button with two images on it opens your images to quickly view your photos. You can also take a picture quickly by pressing the next button with an image of a camera. This key is a bit redundant since you can also press the key on the side of the phone but it's still useful. Lastly, the final button with an image of a calendar and a clock opens up your calendar function. You can use this to view the month, week, or go to a given date. You can also create a new event reminder.