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Why The New Straight Talk Plan is Better Than Boost

Let's consider the fact that the average wireless customer uses a little over 700 minutes and pays over $70. With Boost, you would pay $50 for for this amount of usage. Now, consider that the new Straight Talk plan costs $30 for 1000 minutes and 1000 text messages. By using Straight Talk, the average wireless customer would save over 60% with Straight Talk when compared to the average wireless plan and 40% over the Boost Mobile plan. Now, that is not the only reason why Straight Talk would be the better plan. With the Boost Mobile plan, you have no flexibility since you pay $50 regardless of how little or how much you use the phone. Now lets say you used 2000 minutes 1 month but only 1000 for the next month or two, with Boost, you are locked into the $50 rate either way. With Straight Talk, the 2000 minute month would cost you $60 while the other month or two would only cost you $30. Your total bill with Boost would be $150 while with Straight Talk, your total bill would be $120. Not only does Straight Talk offer a 60% savings over the average contract plan, it also offers a great deal of flexibility. Learn More about Straight Talk

Who is the Straight Talk Plan Perfect for?

That Straight Talk plan is absolutely perfect for the average contract wireless customer who is paying anywhere from $50-$100 on their average wireless bill. Another customer who would benefit, is the type whose talk time varies widely from month to month. That is, the customer who may take advantage of an unlimited plan 1 month but only reaches the average the following. In other words, the type of customer who seeks flexibility. In any case, the new Straight Talk plan can save 90% of wireless customers at least 40% on their monthly wireless bill. Learn More about Straight Talk

Straight Talk Introduces a True Unlimited Talk time plan

If the flexibility is not good enough because you still need an unlimited plan, then Straight Talk has you covered as well because they have introduced a new truly unlimited plan for $45 which is $5.00 cheaper than Boost. So all in all, these new Straight Talk plans are a great value that provides yet another choice and option for cell phone users looking for the best deal around. Learn More about Straight Talk

Coverage Area

The Straight Talk plan uses the Verizon CDMA Network. This provides expansive nationwide coverage that is over 2 times larger than the Boost coverage area. In addition, unlike Boost and its constant texting delays, with Straight Talk, you will enjoy the quality and reliability of the Verizon network. Learn More about Straight Talk