Best Prepaid Cell Phones for Seniors, Elderly and Special Needs |

Best Prepaid Cell Phones for Seniors, Elderly and Special Needs

Despite the increased chances of slips , falls, medical emergencies or crime victimization, studies show that Senior Citizens are less likely to own and use a cell phone even in times of emergency. In fact, many admit to not using a cell phone even if they own one opting to use a land line phone due to its ease of use. This is typically because the majority of contract cell phone carriers do not have any plans or phones that cater to emergency or special needs customers. While there are inexpensive prepaid options like Tracfone, their phones (even the most basic) are not exactly special needs friendly.

Did you know that one of the biggest cell phone annoyances to seniors are the complicated menus and small text on regular cell phones? This is why Jitterbug phones and service are so great. Not only do they provide phones that are extremely user friendly with large keys, easy to read large text displays, no complicated menus, their entire company is geared towards meeting the cell phone needs of both Seniors and special needs customers. In addition to easy to use phones, they offer competitively priced cell phone plans with NO CONTRACTS and low monthly minute options for emergency only phones. Even their customer service, which is 24X7, is set up such that there are no confusing automated voice prompts or difficult to understand representatives from foreign based call centers. Jitterbug is by far one of the best options if you are a Senior or a special needs customer. Visit Jitterbug for More information