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LG 410 How tos

How to Send an SMS Message

1. Press Menu 4
2. Select "New Message"
3. Enter what you want to send as a text message
NOTE: To enable fast text select "Options"> "Text entry Mode" and then choose "T9 Abc". This will enable you to use one key per letter instead of pressing the same key several times for each letter.
4. Select "Send to" and enter the recipient.
5. Press SEND

How to change ring style

1. Press Menu 9 1 2 1.
2. Use the up or down arrow keys to adjust the volume.
3. Press "Set" to select the desired volume.
4. "Complete" is seen

How use Tip Calculator

1. Press Menu 8 5.
2. Enter the total bill amount (enter dollars and cents).
3. Scroll down once to select the tip percentage.
4. Scroll down to split bill between more parties. Enter the total number of parties.
5. The result is what each will pay (tip included)

How to save to Address Book

1. Enter Menu 2 2
2. Enter the name of the contact (you will need to press the keys to match the letters so you might need to be quick.
3. Scroll down to add mobile, email, group, picture, ringtone, anniversary, and memo.
NOTE: be sure to scroll through all before saving the contact as you will need to edit the contact if you save it.
4. Press "Save".
5. "Saved" is seen.