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Straight Talk Wireless Prepaid Cell Phone

Straight Talk prepaid wireless Straight Talk cell phones are available now with an amazing plan! The new plan is Tracfone's version of unlimited for a great low price of only $30 a month for 1000 minutes OR $45 a month for full unlimited! This is one of the best new plans available to consumers considering the average cell phone customer uses about 700 minutes and spends over $70.

30 days of service
Unlimited for $45 OR 1000 any time/any where minutes for $30
Unlimited text or 1000 Text messages
Unlimited data on $45 plan and 30 Megabytes of Data usage on $30 plan.
Roaming with NO extra fees within your assigned network (Verizon, AT&T, etc).
Free calls to 411
Voice mail, caller id, call waiting included.
Same CDMA coverage as a typical Verizon contract plan at half the price.
Same GSM coverage as a typical Tmobile or AT&T contract plan at half the price.

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Key Straight Talk Details:

1. You can port your existing number which is great if you want to switch.

2. Phones Available Ranging from $0-$199. You must purchase a Straight Talk phone in order to use the service. Non Straight Talk Phones will NOT work with the service

3. Phones Available for both GSM and CDMA coverage areas.

LG100 | LG200 | LG220 | LG290 | Motorola W385 | Samsung R451C |
Samsung R355C *Popular| LG 620g *NEW GSM | Samsung T404g*NEW GSM | Nokia E71 Smartphone| Nokia 6790 Smartphone

4. You may enroll by registering your credit/debit card at By enrolling , you will receive a recurring charge to your credit/accepted debit card every 30 days. This will automatically refill your account with Services. You can stop auto pay at any time. If you plan on enrolling, wait until your NEXT CARD IS DUE to enroll. DO NOT enroll as soon as you activate or buy a new card, doing so will result in another charge even if you have just added the card. You may also refill every 30 days by purchasing a refill card.

5. You can change from the $45 to $30 (or vice versa) at any time by simply purchasing which ever refill you wish. If you wish to have this flexibility, do not enroll in the auto pay plan. If already enrolled, de-enroll so you can refill manually.

6. Minutes do not roll over from month to month.

7. Straight Talk now offers International calling by enrolling your Straight Talk phone. Additionally, you use international calling services like Rebtel which offer pinless/cardless international calling, Find out how Rebtel Works. You will not be able to make or receive calls on your Straight Talk phone if you are traveling outside of the United States.

8. A new or reconditioned Straight Talk phone is covered by the phone manufacturer’s one year limited warranty.

Straight Talk FAQ

Can I switch from the $30 to $45 plan anytime and vice versa?

- Yes, you can switch back and forth any time. You simply buy which ever card fits your budget that month. Just make sure you don't enroll in the autopay plan. If you are already enrolled, just cancel and buy your cards as you go.

Can I get rid of the 10 sec airtime balance message at the beginning of each call?

- Yes, simply call customer service and have them deactivate it. Just remember that you will need to check your balance online since the phones do not display it.

Will I be charged if I go over my monthly minutes on the $30 plan?

- No, remember that Straight Talk is strictly prepaid so no overage charges EVER. If you use up your 1000 minutes you will simply not be able to make calls. You can either buy another card or wait until your refill date if you are on the autopay plan. Alternatively, you can switch to the $45 unlimited plan. You can do this anytime by simply purchasing the $45 instead.

Will a Verizon or AT&T phone work? How about another carrier phone?

- No, Verizon simply provides the coverage for Straight Talk. An Unlocked phone, AT&T or TMobile phone, however, will work with their Straight Talk Sim program.

Can I cancel the autopay plan any time?

- Yes, you can cancel any time. It is NOT a contract. You can simply buy your refill time as you go after you cancel.

Can I Port my number In/Out of Straight Talk

- Yes, Port Ins are simple and can be completed on the Straight Talk Web Page. Port Outs can be initiated by the carrier you are going to. Remember that if you port in, you need to keep your service up to date. If you let it lapse and your service is disconnected, you will loose your number.

Can I activate a used Straight Talk phone?

- Yes, you can. You will need to buy an airtime card to activate it though. You will also need to make sure the original owner has either not registered it or calls Straight Talk to de-register themselves from the phone. Important Do NOT buy a used Straight Talk phone without knowing for a fact that it has been deregistered from its previous owner. Get the ESN before buying it, call Straight Talk to verify.

Can I use Straight Talk outside the United States?

- No, Straight Talk will only work in US.

Where to Buy

-You can get your Straight Talk Phone Directly from Straight Talk! View Straight Talk Phones

Straight Talk phones are also available from your local Walmart retailer