Straight Talk Nokia E71 3g GSM |

Straight Talk Nokia E71 3g GSM

Nokia E71 Find Out if the Straight Talk E71 is available in your Area

Dimensions:4.49" x 2.24" x 0.39"

Weight: 4.47 oz

Technology: GSM

Keypad: Monoblock with full keyboard

Data: Yes

Signal Strength: Excellent

Audio Quality: Excellent

Durability: Excellent

Battery Life: 10.5hrs Talk Time, up to 17 days stand by

Compare Straight Talk Nokia E71 and 6790

Extra Features: True Smartphone using ATT 3g network (where available), Full HTML browser, WiFi(wireless), GPS, MP3 player,Symbian Operating System,SD card slot for storage, video camera, Bluetooth, Video calls (equipped with rear and front cameras), Email (Exchange accessible, Gmail, Yahoo, Aol etc.), download applications and games from the Nokia Ovi app store, video streaming.

Find Out if the Straight Talk E71 is available in your Area


The Nokia E71 is a 3g capable sleek European designed phone that's full of great features in a beautifully sleek body. Nokia quality at Walmart prices and an Unlimited Plan just cannot be beat! What makes this a great phone is the fact that it runs Nokia's Symbian Operating System and has the capabilities of any blackberry and smart phone on the market. Couple that with Straight Talk's Unlimited $45 plan and you have a great phone at substantial savings.

Phone Look and Feel

This slick chrome beauty is a stylish and intelligent piece that will set you apart from the usual drab black smartphone crowd. Certainly is a nice change of pace from the typically boring Droid units. You will immediately notice the Nokia quality and weight on this smartphone. What's interesting about this phone is that it is a European phone model so you know it's good.

If you are looking for a texting and/or email phone then you will love the Straight Talk Nokia E71 because it takes texting to an entirely new level. The full keypad makes sending texts and email a pleasure with the easy to push full monoblock keyboard.

Find Out if the Straight Talk E71 is available in your Area


As you would expect from a smartphone of this quality, there are plenty of features to satisfy the most demanding user. In fact, there are too many to list but here are the highlights. To start, the phone can be used with most email systems including Gmail, Yahoo, Aol and Exchange server. This is the first Straight Talk/Tracfone to ever do this! The Nokia E71 will finally give you the ability to set up your email and stay connected automatically. If you have Outlook at work then this phone will work with your Exchange server provided that your company offers Outlook Web Access (OWA) and has ActiveSync enabled.

The E71 can access Nokia's Ovi app store so you will have access to countless games and application. This includes Social Apps for Facebook, Twitter and more. GPS is another great feature on this phone. The e71 comes preloaded with GPS apps including maps, location searches, driving directions and more. Works great and no need to spend extra on apps that perform this function. The cool thing about the GPS app is that it has the maps in memory so no crappy Google maps that require constant network connectivity. This GPS works even places where there is no network since it's totally Satellite based. Did we mention it's also got turn by turn directions? Very cool! If this wasn't enough, the phone is equipped with front and rear camera just like the iPhone 4. With the Skype application you can make video calls using the ATT 3g network.

Finally, what smartphone wouldn't be complete with full HTML browser to take advantage of the 3g speeds, MP3, digital camera, video recording, Bluetooth and external SD Card? The E71 does not disappoint because it comes with all of these as well!


The Nokia E71 is a great phone that is not crippled in anyway. This is a true smartphone giving you capabilities you never dreamed of on a prepaid plan at this price range. You can finally get all of the smartphone capabilities at half the price!