Motorola 175 How to set the alarm |

Motorola 175 How to set the alarm

How to set the alarm using a TracFone Motorola 175:

1. Menu (this is the round black key in the middle)
2. Scroll down to select "Office Tools" and press "Select" right key below "Select" on screen.
3. Scroll down to "Alarm Clock" and press "Select".
4. Press "Select" with [New Entry] highlighted.
5. Press "Change" with "Name" highlighted and enter the name of your first alarm and then press "OK".
6. Scroll down once to highlight "Time:" and press "Change".
7. Enter the time with the keypad or use the up and down arrow keys. Move to the right to change the minutes and am or pm.
8. Press "OK" when done.
9. Change tone by selecting "Alert" and press "Change". Scroll down to "Ring" then press "Select". Scroll down to desired tone and then press "Select".
10. You can also change volume by pressing "Change" with "Volume:" highlighted.